Pest Control in Malaga

Fumicosol is made up of a team of professionals who have spent more than 20 years in pest control in Malaga province.

Emergency telephone 24h / 365 days and also by Whatsapp.
We promise to reach your location in less than 2 hours for emergencies.
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More than 20 years of experience in pest control
Pest Control in Malaga

Same day extermination and pest control services

rat control companies in malaga

Rat control

Professional rat control service for both individuals and companies. We will solve any problem with rodents.

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Our disinsection service will solve all problems with any type of insect that you want to eliminate.

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Disinfection will directly eliminate microorganisms that are harmful to humans, complementing disinsection or rat control.

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Termite treatment

Professional service for the elimination of termites and termite mounds, protect your wooden structures from these whitish-looking insects.

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Woodworm treatment

Our woodworm removal service is effective against any of your furniture or wooden structures. Ask us.

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Bird control

Avoid the dirt they generate as a result of droppings, feathers and material from their nests, we are experts in bird control.

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Traumatic cleaning

Professional traumatic cleaning service for deaths and biological hazards, guaranteeing the hygiene of the affected area.

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Professional Diogenes cleaning service and comprehensive treatments for people with Diogenes Syndrome or other similar pathologies.

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We have professional pest control services and effective treatments to eliminate mosquitoes in any type of home.

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    Pest control services for both individuals and companies, communities of owners, property managers, municipalities, industry, etc.

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    We also have different treatments without chemicals or toxic with 100% effectiveness. We serve you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and also by WhatsApp.


    In addition, Fumicosol has the ISO 14001 quality certification, as well as an agreement with the Association of Property Administrators of Malaga and Melilla.


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    fumigation companies in Malaga
    Emergency telephone 24h / 365 days and also by Whatsapp.
    We promise to reach your location in less than 2 hours for emergencies.
    Pest Control in Malaga

    Fumicosol is your fumigation company in Malaga

    Qualified operators

    All our operators are trained with a qualified biocide applicator card.

    Constant training

    We are in constant continuous training for the incorporation of new methods, innovative and non-toxic products, if possible, from leading brands.

    We have authorizations

    All products are under exhaustive control of use exclusively when they are necessary to use them, and authorized by the JUNTA DE ANDALUCÍA

    Certified treatments

    We have all the documentation of the products that you can download directly from this website, we provide the client with the certification of the treatment carried out and self-control methods.

    Pest Control in Malaga
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    Pest Control in Malaga
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    Pest control companies in Malaga

    Frequent questions

    On many occasions the pests are evident as we can see insects, rodents or birds, although we must bear in mind that some are nocturnal, as is the case of cockroaches or rats and mice. Therefore, we are more likely to notice when the damage they have caused is visible, such as chewed food, scattered packaging, bites…

    The first step is to study the case in detail. To do this, our pest control specialists will visit your home or business in order to assess in detail the scope of the pest, as well as how it has occurred, the possible routes of entry for animals, etc.

    All this information will help us decide on the best treatment to solve the pest problem.

    We will not only take care of solving the problem by using the most appropriate techniques and products for your case. We will also explain how to minimize the risk of suffering from an infestation again.

    At our pest control company in Malaga we know that prevention is the most important thing. For this, you can count on our professional advisory services.

    After studying your situation in detail, we will advise you on everything you can do to minimize the risk of being affected by a pest.

    Likewise, it is very important to establish a periodic calendar in order to act preventively before the problem has occurred.

    To deal with pest control work, it is essential to have experienced professionals, since we know how to carry out the control treatment as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition, you must bear in mind that we work with materials and products that must be applied with all the guarantees and due precautions and protection.

    The most common pests we encounter are:

    • Cockroach pests: This is one of the most common. With rising temperatures, their presence multiplies due to better environmental conditions and a greater reproductive capacity.
    • Tick ​​and bed bug pests: Their presence can cause great discomfort since for some people their bites can cause adverse reactions. It is an animal that is attracted to humans and animals, so in the event of suffering from a plague of this type of insect, it is very likely that we will suffer from their bites.
    • Infestation of ants: Although they do not pose a health problem, they can become a great nuisance since they can be accessed through almost any small hole in search of food. In the case of having access to it, they can cause great economic damage.
    • Pests of pigeons, seagulls, starlings or turtledoves: They are birds that transmit diseases, especially through their defecation. Their presence can cause damage to those homes in which they nest, and can cause great deterioration in roofs and cornices.
    • Mosquito plagues: In the hottest seasons, the presence of these animals can become a real nuisance. Above all, we must avoid as far as possible having flooded areas or areas that store water nearby, since this habitat is ideal for them to reproduce.
    • Termite and woodworm pests: Their presence can cause serious damage to the furniture and structure of some homes and premises, as they are very voracious in eating wood. Their presence is very easy to detect since we will see holes in the wood where they have nested in addition to the characteristic sawdust that falls from the furniture.
    • Rat and mouse pests: This type of pest does not go unnoticed, since the damage they cause is obvious. Gnawed food, broken containers with empty contents, feces and urine… At night, moreover, in those places where they are present, we can even hear them.

    With our pest control and disinfection service in Malaga, you will put an end to all these problems.

    Don’t worry, as pest control specialists in Malaga, we have effective solutions to eliminate pests, protecting both the environment, the people who live with the ‘invasion’, and the families’ pets.

    Our technical service is trained according to the regulations and legislation in terms of health and protection, we are protectors of homes, businesses and the health of people who are involved in pests, but also taking into account the environment.

    We are your pest control company in Malaga both for private homes, for companies and for businesses in the hotel sector, the hospitality industry and also the food industry.

    • Individuals:

    The quality of life of each person depends on many factors and one of these factors is the absence of pests. It is much more pleasant to enter a clean house or community than one full of cockroaches or rodent droppings.

    Sometimes the harmful organism from a single house enters other houses in the same community using pathways between walls, holes or cracks. For example, bed bugs or cockroaches thus infest entire communities.

    Each house is unique and if you have unwanted tenants, we are your pest control company in Malaga. We will identify the root of the problem, providing you with the fastest and most effective solution.

    • Companies:

    The pest can be introduced with the merchandise, in the boxes, or through the door, which is always open. Constantly entering and leaving customers also increases the possibility of the pest appearing within the establishment.

    At Fumicosol we control the spread of these unwanted tenants, we develop the pest control program and carry out the treatment at the most convenient times for the client. Before applying the biocides, we study the area, the establishment, locate the source of infestation and propose the action plan. We also do preventive or opening treatment.

    No matter what activity or business environment you find yourself in, we have the solution for pest control in Malaga that you need.

    • Food industry:

    Bars and restaurants are very vulnerable and easily infested with pests. The activity of restaurants is directly related to food products, their handling and storage. In addition, bars and restaurants always have their doors open and this allows insects and rodents direct access from outside; the pest can be introduced with the goods or boxes; it can enter from sewage systems or nearby infested premises.

    The presence of the pest creates mistrust on the part of customers. Insects and rodents are transmitters of pathogenic microorganisms that they carry inside and on their body. They can cause serious illness in humans. Hovering over food or kitchen utensils, they contaminate everything.

    If a bar or a restaurant wants to have a good image, the pest control activity together with the hygienic-sanitary measures program will play a very important role.

    At Fumicosol we help you solve your pest problems in Malaga in order to maintain the integrity of your food products and your reputation.

    • Hotels and vacation rentals:

    The presence of pests in hotels or vacation rentals is very common, but it also creates a bad image for guests. At Fumicosol, we are aware of this, which is why we offer you our 24-hour emergency service to solve it to put an end to the plague as soon as possible.

    • Estate administrators:

    We have the possibility of making agreements with property managers to offer our pest control services in Malaga province.

    • Real estate:

    The presence of pests in a property can imply a sharp decrease in its sale and/or rental value, hence the importance of establishing an adequate cleaning and sanitation plan through an expert pest control company in Malaga.

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