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Aggressiveness with wings
Gulls are birds of wingspan and quite aggressive behavior, this behavior is quite dangerous since they attack people for defending their nests. Also, they are disease carriers, virus (Gripe aviar, flavivirus, virus del nilo, virus usutu), bacteria (Psittacosis, Campylobacter, Campiobacteriosis), endoparasites, ectoparasites and parasites, which are related to nests such as mites, ticks, fleas, bedbugs, etc. by moving in unsanitary places, such as landfills.

In the natural environment, gulls can cause damage to other bird colonies by preying on their eggs and chicks. It has also been seen that seagulls can affect grape and olive crops by feeding on these fruits.
Seagull control Malaga
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It should be noted that, to prevent the transmission of zoonoses, the death of the animal is not enough, since the risks of contagion continue while the corpse remains.
How to fight them?
Since this type of bird nests in areas that are difficult to access, we offer you a comprehensive service for the elimination of seagull pests in Malaga, with qualified personnel with experience working at heights, always following current regulations.

Rats, pigeons and seagulls: cousins-sisters
If rats have always been the great enemy to beat in cities along with pigeons, for some years the proliferation of seagulls has become a pest that is difficult to eradicate. In addition, these three pests transmit diseases that are very harmful to people’s health.

At Fumicosol we assure you that they will not bother you again, we use a combination of systems that will definitively eradicate this harmful plague of seagulls, contact us!
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