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Pigeons are birds perfectly adapted to the urban environment, so their control is difficult. It has a social structure with more dominant birds than others, which live in flocks, their number being subject to the availability of food. It maintains its reproductive period throughout the year, being able to vary the number of chicks in each brood at will, depending on the abundance or absence of food.

Why are they a problem?
More than 60 human diseases are associated with this bird, including Salmonellosis, Ornithosis, Cryptococcosis and allergic alveolitis. Therefore, it is very important that you do not allow them to nest on your property, and if they do, we will take care of their control and eradication.
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It should be noted that, to prevent the transmission of zoonoses, the death of the animal is not enough, since the risks of contagion continue while the corpse remains.
Peace? Rather, of discord.
For a good choice of dissuasive devices, a good inspection is very important to determine the pressure exerted by the bird, depending on its number and actions and to focus on the nesting, perching, courtship and overnight areas. Therefore, for its control and eradication, we recommend the joint use of various means.

Have you tried all kinds of methods within your reach and you can’t eliminate the problem? At Fumicosol, through prevention, the use of new technologies and always respecting the environment, we offer you a comprehensive pigeon pest control or elimination service in Malaga. Do not hesitate to contact us!
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