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First of all, cleaning and disinfection must be differentiated.

Cleaning is based on the action of cleaning the dirt, the superfluous or the harmful of something. In daily life it is very important, since without cleaning many of us could contract diseases or infections caused by bacteria from dirt.

Disinfection is based on the elimination or reduction of any pathogenic species, especially where the levels of environmental contamination must be reduced to the minimum possible for the best sanitary conditions, mainly where there is drinking water such as wells, tanks, cisterns, cisterns, etc.

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It should be noted that, to prevent the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms, disinfection is not enough, since the risks of contagion may reappear as long as continuous maintenance is not carried out.
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The biggest problem is the lack of information regarding these tanks, reservoirs, mobile reservoirs and cisterns for the accumulation of cold sanitary water, which the owners do not usually visit to check the status of the accumulated water they consume daily, and where our company usually finds accumulated water with major health deficiencies, such as stagnant, rotten water, without recirculation and with a large accumulation of dirt and sediment.

The water undergoes a series of interventions that can affect its quality if they are not carried out with due precautions. Their continuous degradation and stagnation in this type of deposits can lead not only to a serious deterioration of the water they consume, but also to a serious problem of microbiological contagion.

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