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Eliminate woodworm in Malaga

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Woodworm females lay their eggs in shallow cracks in wood and in holes of old infestations; Within a few days the larvae hatch, which can remain in the wood for between one and three years (in some cases reaching 10 years). Later, the adults go outside forming superficial holes to mate and lay eggs in the nearby woods, this is when you have the real problem, when the plague of woodworm spreads throughout your property.

The most obvious sign of a woodworm infestation is usually the holes made in the wood to go outside, since it is very difficult to detect a woodworm problem in advance.

Malaga woodworm treatment

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It should be noted that, to prevent the transmission of zoonoses, the death of the animal is not enough, since the risks of contagion continue while the corpse remains.
Don’t let them play with your wood.
The damage does not occur as fast as in the case of termites, but it is as important as any, given the high number of individuals that attack together. This damage can literally leave the wood in a mass of sawdust, so the anti-worm treatment should not take long, especially in the case of structural wood. They are of the larval type, which means that the larvae are the ones that cause the damage to the wood.

Without a thorough inspection it is impossible to control the presence and elimination of woodworms. There are factors that are essential in the study of woodworm, such as identifying the species or whether the attack is recent or old.

At Fumicosol we will inform you of the type of woodworm you have, the diagnosis, work protocol, equipment that we are going to use and the timing of the treatment. You will not find any surprises in the service we provide, contact us without obligation, we want as much as you do to solve this annoying woodworm plague.
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